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The typical role of the female in Ferengi culture is one of subjugation and oppression. Driven by patriarchal laws and cultural standards, Ferengi society highly discouraged females from the pursuit of profit or independence. While compliance with these norms was commonplace, a number of Ferengi women throughout history have absconded from their expected roles in Ferengi society, and have instead opted to pursue their own aspirations and desires. Albeit later in life, Cath would eventually join their ranks with her own story to tell.

Having complied with Ferengi customs long enough to see her only son, Gavah, grow into a successful profiteer, Cath would find herself at a moral crossroads following the death of her husband. Disillusioned with everyday life on Ferenginar, Cath looked within and found a singular aspiration – to become established as an Independent operator, working to help those who would find themselves in need of her services.

With the help of Maia and the Commander, and with some resistance from Gavah, Cath would soon realize her aspirations and appoint herself as Stationmaster of her very own Independent installation. Cath’s operation continues to expand to this day – a testament to her own resilience, and a shining beacon of inspiration to those who would dare to dream of bigger things.