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Damar is a patriotic Cardassian who has often been thrust into the limelight, largely due to his association with the notorious Gul Dukat. Damar spent the majority of his career ranked as a Glinn, floating between assignments, attempting to see the wider quadrant in his service to Cardassia. Damar’s primary motivator is to provide for his wife and son, who live on Cardassia Prime. As a devoted husband and father, the only thing that he loves more than his family is his home. This devotion has brought about a deep resentment towards Bajorans, particularly anyone directly involved in the Bajoran resistance, or linked to the end of the occupation. This blind narrow-mindedness accentuates Damar’s lack of creativity and his lack of subtlety, often getting him into trouble with his superiors.

However, through hard work, determination, and some luck, Damar often finds himself in the right place at the right time. He was instrumental in a plot to stop barbarous Klingons from raiding Cardassian supply lines, and with the aid of Gul Dukat and Major Kira of Bajor, successfully commandeered a Klingon Bird of Prey. This highlight of Damar’s is one that has caught the attention of the Cardassian Central Command.

Perhaps there is a bright future in store for Damar…