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Mission Duality Part 6

Duality Part 6 is part of Duality Arc in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

Duality Arc 1 also has Refraction mission chains as part of the arc.

Duality Part 6 Parts of the Mission

  1. Find the merchant in Pandosia
    Location: Pandosia (31) Federation
  2. Donate 1.5M Tritanium for the truth serum
  3. Set a course for Sintek
    Location: Sintek (31) Neutral

Mission Reward for Duality Part 6

  • 1 × Honorguard Worf
  • 8.21M × Parsteel
  • 242K × Dilithium

Star Trek Fleet Command Duality Part 6