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Mission Doomsday Part 4

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Doomsday Part 4 is part of TOS Arc 2 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

TOS Arc 2 also has A Rude Awakening and Take the Conn mission chains as part of the arc.

There are also three side missions in this arc, The Road to Hell, All the Battles Past, and All the Wars to Come.

Doomsday Part 4 Parts of the Mission

  1. Inquire about the components on Boxip
    Location: Talmir-86 (26) Neutral
  2. Choose how to barter for the components
    [Trade or Perform a service]
  3. A: [IF Trade] Pay 75,000 Dilithium to the vendor
    B: [IF Perform a service] Go to Huebr
    Location: Huebr (24) Romulan
  4. A: Return with Leevoigh to Gawot
    Location: Eisenhorn (19) Neutral
    B: Mine 750 Raw 3* Ore
    Location: various systems
  5. B: Return to the vendor
    Location: Talmir-86 (26) Neutral
  6. B: Return with Leevoigh to Gawot
    Location: Eisenhorn (19) Neutral

Mission Reward for Doomsday Part 4

  • 510K × Tritanium
  • 31 × 3★ Uncommon Refined Ore

Star Trek Fleet Command Doomsday Part 4