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Officer Brad Boimler

Ensign Bradward Boimler has always known that he was meant for the Captain’s chair, and he will do whatever it takes to get there. Whether it’s baking his Captain’s favorite cookies, or joining the Redshirt Club to help him climb the Starfleet ladder, Boimler has proven that he is serious about ranking up. He even went so far as to program an advanced holodeck program using the crew’s personal logs to prepare for an interview with Captain Freeman.

Unfortunately, Boimler’s dependence on rules and protocol does not always work in his favor. In focusing so hard on what he should be doing and what will make him promotable, Boimler often fails to react to the situation at hand. Luckily, his friend and “mentor” Beckett Mariner is there to provide a little chaos and mischief to keep Boimler on his feet. Though he tries to be the voice of reason and authority, he is slowly learning that sometimes breaking the rules is necessary to get the job done.

To date, Boimler’s most significant contribution as a Starfleet officer has been the Boimler Effect, which, to his dismay, is a mandate that encourages shortcuts and discourages blindly following the rules. In the far future, Ensign Bradward Boimler will come to be known as “the laziest, most corner-cutting officer in Starfleet history”.