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Officer Benjamin Sisko

Captain Benjamin Sisko is the iconic commander of Deep Space 9, a charismatic leader and a loving father. And if running a space station and raising his son Jake weren’t enough, Sisko also has the burden of being the newly liberated Bajor’s protector and spiritual leader, a task he has settled into over time, showing his ability to rise to even the most demanding of challenges.

In spite of his success as Deep Space 9’s commander, Sisko’s arrival to the station was not an enthusiastic one. A few years prior, he was involved in the battle of Wolf 359, a Borg attack in the Sol system. He tragically lost his wife in this battle, but his son, Jake, lived. Sisko considered resigning from Starfleet in light of his grief and new single-parenthood, but ultimately accepted that his place was aboard Deep Space 9.

On his first visit to Bajor, Sisko was pronounced the Emissary of the Prophets, the aliens who live in the wormhole, or “Celestial Temple”. Sisko would encounter the Prophets various times in the subsequent years, and would even fulfill ancient Bajoran prophecies, cementing his role as the Emissary. He would eventually discover that his own mother was a Prophet, and that “the Sisko’s” existence was by design.

Sisko is very proud of his New Orleans heritage, and has retained his father’s love of cooking creole food with fresh, non-replicated ingredients. When he is not communing with the Prophets, putting out diplomatic fires, or dealing with the looming threat of war, he is known to throw dinner parties for his friends aboard Deep Space 9.