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Officer Beckett Mariner

Some might say that Ensign Beckett Mariner is a loose cannon. And they would be right. She is a self-proclaimed kicker of asses and breaker of protocol, because protocol is for people who need to be told what to do. And Mariner certainly isn’t one of those people.

That is not to say that Mariner is not a capable Starfleet officer – quite the contrary. Top of her class and predicted to be the first of her cohort to become a Captain, Mariner does not lack the skill necessary for a higher rank. She is simply more interested in the adventure that a life in the Lower Decks can offer than a stifling role as a member of senior staff. Or perhaps she simply wants to carve out her own path, instead of following in the footsteps of her Captain mother and Admiral father.

Ensign Mariner has spent time on five different Starfleet vessels, along with a stint on Deep Space 9. She has seen some stuff. She spent time in a sentient cave, and a Klingon prison where she had to fight a yeti for her shoes. She was almost decapitated by a singing crystal, and blood-bonded with a fearsome Klingon warrior. These experiences taught her how to think on her feet, and think for herself.

Mariner’s ability to adapt to any situation, and think outside the box, are the envy of her straight-laced friend Bradward Boimler, who is often unwillingly drawn into her schemes and escapades. But while Ensign Mariner always seems to be finding (or starting) trouble, her friends and crew know that she always has their back and their best interests at heart.