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Mission Absolution Part 3 is part of Absolution Arc 1 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 core missions in this arc as well as well as the side mission chain Going Back to the Death Place and USS Franklin-A.

Absolution Part 3 Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet with Praetor Bervas
    Location: Rator (29) Romulan
  2. Go to the trader’s shipyard
    Location: Jishui (16) Neutral
  3. Choose how to deal with the trader
    [Intimidate the trader OR Pay the trader]
  4. A: [IF Intimidate the trader]
    Defeat the bodyguard (Battleship 129,975)

    Location: Jishui (16) Neutral
    B: [IF Pay the trader]
    Pay 150,000 Dilithium for the information