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When One Door Closes Part 4 is part of the Strange New Worlds Arc Part 1 for Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 5 parts to this mission chain.

This Mission is triggered when “When One Door Closes Part 3” is completed.
Recommend OPS Level: 15
Warp required for mission completion: 11

Mission When One Door Closes Part 4 Parts of the Mission

  1. Investigate the local Gas cloud.
    Location: Zaurak (13)
  2. Defeat 5 hostiles of Level 12 or higher.
    Kill 5 Level 12+ Hostiles
  3. Which enemy ship will you take on?
    Choice: The Independent Battleship OR The Orion Syndicate warship
  4. A: The Independent Battleship > Defeat the Hitman.
    Kill Independent Hitman in Zaurak 6,548
    B: The Orion Syndicate warship > Defeat the Orions.
    Kill Orion Assassin in Zaurak 9,404

Mission Reward for When One Door Closes Part 4

  • 2,300 × Tritanium
  • 38,000 × Officer XP
  • 80 × 2★ Interceptor Parts

Mission When One Door Closes Part 4