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Mission Tread Lightly Part 9 is part of the Strange New Worlds Arc Part 1 for Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

This Mission is triggered when Tread Lightly Part 8 is completed.
Recommend OPS Level: 34
Warp required for mission completion: 26

Mission Tread Lightly Part 9 Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet with the Enterprise.
    Location: Aiti (33)
  2. Search for the artifact.
    Location: Aiti (33)
  3. Defeat the strange ship.
    Kill Shrouded Ship in Aiti 647,357
  4. Retrieve the artifact.
    Location: Nausicaa (12)
  5. Return to your Station.
    Location: Player Home System

Mission Reward for Tread Lightly Part 9

  • 6.66M × Parsteel
  • 980K × Tritanium
  • 69,000 × Officer XP

Mission Tread Lightly Part 9