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Officer TOS Leonard McCoy

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy was born in Georgia, USA in 2227. He studied medicine in the mid 2240s in Mississippi, where he gained a reputation as a practical joker. His steady hand and impeccable memory made him a naturally gifted doctor, and when he joined Starfleet, quickly rose through the ranks and gained a position on the flagship of the Federation, the Enterprise. There, he took on the role of Chief Medical Officer and Head of Life Sciences.

McCoy is a regular volunteer for away team excursions and has been involved in many large-scale medical operations that have saved multiple civilizations from outbreaks and serious ecological disaster.

Class: Science
Group: TOS Enterprise Crew
Faction: Federation
Rarity: Rare

Captain Maneuver: We’re Rescuing You!
300% to Dodge, Shield Deflection, and Armor when defending

Command: 100%
Engineering: 100%
Science: 50%

Officer Ability: Just An Old Country Doctor
% to Attack, Defense, and Health of all Officers when aboard an Explorer

Officer Ability Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 20%
Rank 2: 40%
Rank 3: 60%
Rank 4: 80%
Rank 5: 100%

TOS Leonard McCoy Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * FED = federation credits * XP = officer experience points * SB = Science Badges
1Ensign I534
2Lt. JG II105010k
3Lt. III151051,100100k
4Lt. Cmdr IV201354,400250k1
5Commander V3020011,000500k2
Star Trek Fleet Command Officer TOS Leonard McCoy