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Officer Strike Team SNW La’an

La’an Noonien-Singh is the Chief of Security aboard the USS Enterprise. Her dedication to her ship and crew is unparalleled. She takes pride in her physical prowess and runs a series of drills and classes in self-defense and advanced combat training with every member of the crew. La’an leads away teams to dangerous locations regularly, and relies on her attuned sense for survival. La’an is the sole survivor of a brutal Gorn attack on her home colony, and carries the tortured memories of that time with her every day.

Regardless of her Augment heritage, or perhaps in spite of it, La’an remains staunchly opposed to all facets of genetic engineering. However, being a descendant of the great Khan will forever link her name to these practices. Realizing that one will never be able to escape the bonds of their heritage, La’an has instead decided to stop running and establish an identity of her own.