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Mission Silver Scar Part 1 is a neutral mission in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 2 parts to this mission chain.

To begin the Silver Scar mission, players must travel to the level 40 system, Veringan, but keep in mind that you need a warp range of 65 to reach the system.

Mission Silver Scar Part 1 Parts of the Mission

  • Travel to the Nygea system.
    Go To Nygea
  • Help the survivors on Draban.
    Go To Nygea
  • Travel to the Minkalal system.
    Go To Minkalal
  • Defeat Voyager.
    Kill Voyager in Minkalal
  • Repair the ship.
    Go To Minkalal

Mission Reward for Silver Scar Part 1

  • 1 × Chakotay
  • 80,000 × Ship XP