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Parts of the Mission

  1. Bring Parvati to the meeting point
    Location: Bulut (9) Neutral
  2. [Bring Parvati to the Resistance OR Meet with Nizo]
  3. A: [IF Bring Parvati to the Resistance] Return Payara to the Resistance
    Location: ???
    B: [IF Meet with Nizo] Meet with Nizo
    Location: Bulut (9) Neutral
  4. A: Defeat 5 Hostiles of Level 9 or higher (any hostile counts)
    Location: any system (9+)
    B: Defeat the Arkonian Leader (Battleship 2,905)
    Location: Bulut (9) Neutral
  5. A: Return to your system
    B: Return to your Station
    Location: player home system