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Abilakk Beta Overview

The Tholian Assembly have made their first major expansion into new territory with their claim to this region of the Origin Sector. This warrior race have been dormant for many years, biding their time to become a greater power in the Quadrant. The emergence of Progenitor ruins in this region gave them enough reason to advance, with their eye on getting any advantage they can against their age-old enemies, the Breen.

Warp Required: 20
Token Required: No
System Type: Hub
System Number: S:139414838

Origin space: Yes
Darkspace: No
Deepspace: No

Planets: 0
Slots: 0

Capture Nodes
Quantity: 16

Planets – Total: 1

Connected Systems

Resources in Abilakk Beta

  • 3⇴ Raw Isogen
    Size: 400,000 Rate: 2,250 Count: 20


  • This system doesn’t have any housing.

Mission in Abilakk Beta

  • None

Hostiles in Abilakk Beta

  • Scavenger Lair (Lvl 31 Armada)
    Rarity: Uncommon Scout: No Strength: 8,242,896

Abilakk Beta (30) - Neutral