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Petoran Overview

Warp Required: 40
Token Required: No
System Type:
System Number: S:1129689383

Origin space: No
Darkspace: No
Deepspace: Yes

Planets: 0
Slots: 0

Planets – Total: 0

Connected Systems

Resources in Petoran

  • None


  • This system doesn’t have any housing.

Missions in Petoran

  • None

Hostiles in Thora-Beta-6

  • Borg Sphere (Lvl 41 Armada)
    Rarity: Uncommon Scout: No Strength: 113,695,919
  • Borg Sphere (Lvl 42 Armada)
    Rarity: Rare Scout: No Strength: 247,050,887
  • Borg Sphere (Lvl 43 Armada)
    Rarity: Epic Scout: No Strength: 279,167,504

*All part of the Borg Solo Armadas

Petoran (42) - Neutral