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Mission Origin Sector Part 4

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Origin Sector Part 4 Storyline

Learn about Iso-Emulsion and Progenitor Research.

Mission Type: Auto Link / Continuation
Warp for Completion: 20
Origin Sector Part 1 – Recommended Level OPS 25

Origin Sector Part 4 Parts of the Mission

  1. Defeat the Nausicaan Pirate.
    Objective: Destroy Hostile Target
    Destination: Tola Beta (17) Neutral – Warp: 20
    Destroy Nausicaan Ship in Tola Beta 17,996
  2. Donate 10 Iso-Emulsion to Captain Lee.
    Objective: Deliver
    Donate: 10 x Iso-Emulsion
  3. Research 1⇴ Isogen Extraction.
    Objective: Collect
    1 x Mission Token

Mission Reward for Origin Sector Part 4

Star Trek Fleet Command Origin Sector Part 4