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Mission Machinations Part 3

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Machinations Part 3 Storyline

Mission Type: Auto
Duality Arc Part 2

Machinations Part 3 Parts of the Mission

  1. Investigate the second colony.
    Location: Romashki (45) Neutral
  2. What should we do with the victim?
    A: Bring them to your station. Or
    B: Attempt to treat them here.
  3. A: Return to your Station.
    B: Power the med-bay with 200,000 Dilithium.

Mission Reward for Machinations Part 3

  • 8.27M × Dilithium
  • 600 × Premium Recruit Token
  • 700 × 3★ Battleship Parts

Duality Arc 2 Overview Video

Star Trek Fleet Command Mission Machinations Part 3