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Futile Endeavor Storyline

Throw Starfleet off Dalen’s trail.

Mission Type: Auto Link/Continuation
Warp for Completion: 18
Borg Arc 2

Futile Endeavor Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet with the Commander Rische.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Hann (26) Federation – Warp: 18
  2. Defeat Commander Ritsche.
    Objective: Destroy Hostile Target
    Destination: Hann (26) Federation – Warp: 18
    Destroy Commander Ritshe’s Ship
  3. Return to your Station.
    Objective: Return
    Return your ship to your station.
  4. Hide out at the Shiio’s base.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Sufiday (25) Romulan – Warp: 18
    Planet: Sufiday Prime

Mission Reward for Futile Endeavor

  • 187,000 x Tritanium

Mission Futile Endeavor