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Diamonds in the Rough Storyline

An eccentric geologist needs help with her most recent discovery.

Mission Type: Start
Warp for Completion: 5
Neutral – Recommended Level OPS 10

This mission can be accepted in the following systems.

  • Imgra (10) Neutral – Warp: 5
  • Fostaa (10) Neutral – Warp: 5

Diamonds in the Rough Parts of the Mission

  1. Find a sample of the diamonds in Whinnul.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Whinnul (9) Neutral – Warp: 5
  2. Find a sample of the diamonds in Grenfil.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Grenfil (9) Neutral – Warp: 5
  3. Return the samples to your station.
    Objective: Return
    Return your ship to your station.

Mission Reward for Diamonds in the Rough

Mission Diamonds in the Rough