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Tolonus Overview

Warp Required: 26
Token Required: No
System Type: 
System Number: S:101687003

Origin space: No
Darkspace: No

Planets: 0
Slots: 0

Planets – Total: 5
Zavek, Marconian Outpost, Deqiaov

Connected Systems

Resources in Tolonus

  • None


  • This system doesn’t have any housing.

Missions in Tolonus

  • A Hunter Must Hunt Part 1
    Warp: 26 Warp for Completion: 26
  • Community Service
    Warp: 26 Warp for Completion: 26

Hostiles in Tolonus

  • Lost Gorn Warship (Lvl 33 Interceptor)
    Scout: No Strength: 438,688

Tolonus (35) - Neutral