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Swift Reprisal Storyline

Deal with the consequences of attacking a Federation target.

Mission Type: Auto Link/Continuation
Warp for Completion: 17
Recommended Level: 25 | Borg Arc 1

Swift Reprisal Parts of the Mission

  1. Go to Quinton’s last known location.
    Objective – Travel to:
    Destination: Sorenle (21) Neutral – Warp: 15
    Planet: Bos Vehna
  2. Defeat Quinton.
    Objective – Destroy Hostile Target:
    Destination: Sorenle (21) Neutral – Warp: 15
    Destroy Quinton
  3. Report back to Dalen on Qualor IX with the fragments.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Qualor (25) Neutral – Warp: 17
    Planet: Qualor Ix
  4. Hand over 100 Cybernetic Fragments to Dalen.
    Objective: Deliver
    100 x Cybernetic Fragments

Mission Reward for Swift Reprisal

  • 34 x 3★ Uncommon Ore

Mission Swift Reprisal