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Officer SNW Spock

Among the ranks of Starfleet, even the greatest legacies must emerge from humble beginnings. Ensign Spock, service number S 179-276 SP, would be no exception to this rule. Commissioned as a Starfleet officer in the year 2250, Spock would arrive on the bridge of the USS Enterprise four years later in the capacity of science officer. Under the command and guidance of Captain Christopher Pike, Ensign Spock would soon be regarded as a valued and integral component of the bridge crew, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

From his first day on board the Enterprise, Spock formed a strong bond with the ship’s first officer, Lieutenant Commander Una Chin-Riley. Upon noticing Spock’s hesitation to ask questions, Una quickly encouraged him to examine his surroundings and foster an inquisitive nature; behaviors which were in line with her own expectations of a science officer. This formative advice would remain with Spock for the rest of his career, helping to shape the legendary figure he would later become among the Federation.