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Officer SNW La’an Noonien-Singh

Responsibility for the security of an actively serving ship and its company would prove to be no small task for Lieutenant La’an Noonien-Singh, Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise. As a child, she was the lone survivor of an attack on her homeworld, resulting in the loss of friends and family alike. Alone among the stars and with nobody else to turn to, La’an soon learned from a young age how to survive on her own and become self-sufficient. Now, finding herself among the ranks of Captain Pike’s stalwart crew, La’an has discovered an apt role in which to claim respite from the burden of isolation. Through her capacity as Chief of Security, La’an has chosen to share her skills and teachings with fellow officers. By training and honing the skills of individual officers, La’an has also strengthened the capabilities of the crew as a whole.

Regardless of her Augment heritage, or perhaps in spite of it, La’an remains staunchly opposed to all facets of genetic engineering. However, being a descendant of the great Khan will forever link her name to these practices. Realizing that one will never be able to escape the bonds of their heritage, La’an has instead decided to stop running and establish an identity of her own.