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Mission Many Moons

Mission Many Moons is part of Discovery Arc 1 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 15 parts to this mission chain.

Many Moons Parts of the Mission

  1. Find another anomaly to examine
    OPS 11-25: Rigel (13) Neutral
    OPS 26-39: Netron Alpha (23) Neutral
    OPS 40-50: Nalomas (28) Neutral
  2. Find one more anomaly to examine
    OPS 11-25: Imgra (10) Neutral
    OPS 26-39: Opla (20) Neutral
    OPS 40-50: Esteria (23) Neutral
  3. Return to your Station to compile the data
    OPS 11-25: player home system
    OPS 26-39: player home system
    OPS 40-50: player home system